Monday, April 6, 2009

How to deal with depression: pleasant antidepressants

Depression - from the Latin word «depressio» - means the suppression, oppression. A sense of inner emptiness, senselessness of life, sudden shifts of mood throughout the day, obsessive memories, sleep problems, unwillingness to work or do anything to do - these are some symptoms of depression. During this time feel the desire to retire. Hardships and daily responsibilities, and any, even the most minor problem out of equilibrium, and it seems impossible. But you can not give up, you need to live, because there is liability, there is a promise, and, generally, the life given to us once, and stupid to spend it on longing, sadness and gloom.

To begin with, listening to you, good specialist tells what to do in any given situation. Any problem can be solved.

First of all psychologists are advised to talk with a close person that oppresses you. Straight Talk provide some relief.

Do not place a unattainable goal. Realistically assess their capabilities and skills.

Do not stay alone with them. Try to be among people, nice to you, and communicate with those who trust. Walk to the cinema, theater or a visit.

Most rest. Fresh air, books, fragrant baths, shopping trip - whatever gives you pleasure.

Psychologists argue that if you have depression and you want to get rid of it, all in your hands. To get out of depression, the man himself should so wish. Of course, you can «jam» depression pills. By the way, a very important point: to take pills for depression should be only on the advice of a doctor. Uncontrolled receiving these drugs can cause addiction and lead to chronic depression.

There are many good antidepressants, which can be used.

One of the nice tools that will help with depression - it is taking care of themselves. Buy yourself something new clothing. Relax and rest. Massage, a new hairdo, manicure, pedicure - all this does not only result in the order of appearance, but also help raise the status of your own perception and in the eyes of others.

Sports help to no worse than pills. In the human body starts out in a very important hormone - a hormone of happiness and mood - serotonin. So do not ленитесь! Fitness, aerobics, swimming pool, cycling, rollerblading or even dvadtsatiminutnaya scamper - all at your choice.

Sex also helps reduce tension, to forget about problems. During the sex hormone produced joy - endorfin - indispensable in the fight against depression. Besides classes love relax, normalize the nervous system, increase immunity.

The withdrawal of the depressed state of music is very helpful. The best action has on the psyche of our classical music. But if the word «classic» makes you melancholy and sadness, you can try the classics in modern or light rhythmic dance music - click on your taste.

Find a hobby. Embroidery, painting, razgadyvanie crossword puzzles, dance, books - just a lot of things you can do yourself and try to emerge from depression and despondency. By the way, read the light and funny piece. For example: Zoshchenko, Darrell, Averchenko.

Travel and vacation in nature will give you a feeling of newness of life. New impressions, fresh air, contact with nature, the harmony will help you reconcile with yourself and feel part of the universe.

Everyone wants to be happy. But happiness - was a relative concept. In life, we are upset by trifles, we are outraged actions of others, and if something does not succeed, give up and allow discouragement to capture our minds. But persevere and work always bring success. Sense of humor and a philosophical attitude to life and defeat the problems of failure.

Change your attitude towards life, a rearrangement of priorities, and it is quite possible that life will appear in a different light.

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