Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Depression through the eyes of a psychologist

Depression through the eyes of a psychologist. The treatment of depression. Light and heavy depression. Depression and manifestations.
Autumn. Days are becoming shorter, the sun is smaller and sometimes we are sad. And let's try to answer as we are sad. Try to include the following allegations:

• I feel the oppression, suppression.
• I recently changed my appetite and weight.
• I feel anxiety and can not find a place.
• I have a lot of crying.
• I feel tired without apparent reason.
• I do not get pleasure from your favorite courses.
• My thoughts are not as clear as before.
• My future seems bleak to me.
• I do not feel that my life is help people.
• I believe that others would be better if I died / is dead.

And if more than 5 allegations suits you, then you may have depression. Depression can manifest itself very differently. Possible forms variruruyutsya from weak leadership and a little oppressed, fatigue, sleep disturbance and depression, headaches, violations of appetite, constipation, loss of balance in life and, finally, to complete apathy. Specific manifestations of depression are diverse and so unique that it is difficult to put the appropriate diagnosis and often the disease is not recognized in time. Medicine There are three types of depression:

Depression caused by organic disease such as myocardial infarction, heart failure, hormonal disorders, trauma.
Endogenous depression. This form of depression comes from within, as a consequence of mental predisposition rights. «Endogenous» - measured depth, internal processes (including biochemical). This brings particular suffering depression because the patient does not feel capable of not only the joy, love and interest, but also grief, anger, compassion. Accordingly, such a depression is especially important time to recognize, as it is well kupiruetsya modern antidepressants.
Psychogenic depression. It arises from the subjective unportable experiences in connection with psihotravmiruyuschimi situations, the emotions are so intense that they need to suppress (depression - suppression). And for different people, people with a different type of personality that psihotravmoy can be totally different in strength, content, duration of the event.

Common also to all depression is to change samootnosheniya, a change in the perception of its past and future, as well as around the world, when everything starts to see the pessimistic tone.

In particular, are prone to depression, older people suffering from loneliness after the death of a spouse, loss of peers, previously surrounding rights, changes in habits, the restrictions imposed by frequent illnesses.

Depression deprives a person related to future targets for the future. Psihotravma deprives people of hope and strength to see tomorrow, when the prospects offered only disadvantage, the expected suffering, failure, pain, despair, frustration beginnings. To each his own trauma - divorce, separation, difficulties at work, financial difficulties, the suffering of homeless dogs. You better know how it happens to you. In cases of depression caused by the traumatic events of the effectiveness of drugs is minimal. It especially shows psychotherapy aimed at awareness unsuccessful strategies, the search for resources, internal and external awareness of the real problems and causes of depression, consisting in the suppression of important human needs. Depression shows that there is something depressing and demanding that he remove this.

The man under the yoke of depression are not satisfied with themselves, do not trust yourself, do not want to see reality, it loses its depth.

Depression can often be linked to the disease, traditionally called psychosomatic.

Importantly, the «lightweight» Depression is perfectly normal, if they occur after periods of great stress, because they allow the body to relax. But if they delayed it - evidence of distress. Do not make any sense to persuade the patient to relax in the gay community, travel to distant countries to claim that everything is not so bad, and soon will be meaningless to tell that you are, the demand from the patient, that he took himself in hand and not fall ignore the possibility of suicide and the signs of preparation for it. It makes sense to show the patient that his love, that it carefully, want to help. Be prepared for mood, gently help him back to himself, to become himself, to help the suffering to study the history of his life, and together with him to find the true causes of mental disorders. Optimal when such assistance is provided by a qualified psychiatrist.

Paradoxically, in some cases, to recover one must not fight against depression, but instead of falling into it, only in the depths of his life might oppose themselves to the fact that for so long dominated. «I fall to the bottom of the well». To the east of the depression is sometimes considered a gift of the Gods, as it allows and even compels reflection on the meaning of life, to seek answers to the question «Who I am», «Why», and to be updated and re-open the joys and sorrows of this world. And if you go through a depression with a guide, plunge into it, this trip will help give meaning to these difficult experiences, life again twinkle paints, which may have long forgotten.