Thursday, July 30, 2009

Suicide and Depression

There is only one of a truly serious philosophical
problem - the problem of suicide.
A. Camus (1990. Pp. 24 - 25)

Suicide and depression. Depressive and psychopathological states. Prevention of suicide and depressive disorders.
One of the important medico-social problems of modern society the World Health Organization identifies the problem of suicide. In many countries, suicide is among the top 10 causes of death among adolescents and youth population is the third. Every year, from his own hands kills nearly half a million people, and these data will certainly diminish.

Only in the last decade in Russia an increase in the incidence of suicide to 45-56 cases per 100 thousand people per year, and in some regions and population groups - up to 90 or more, that is combined with a parallel increase in the frequency of depression and alcohol abuse.

Depression - the reason 70% of all committed suicide. Many authors agree that a large number of suicides, which we are linked to inadequate treatment of depression. Depressive disorders, in turn, is one of the most frequent psychopathological states. Approximately every tenth inhabitant of the planet moves throughout their lives from depression, and every twentieth is repeated.

Thus, for the prevention of suicide, it is necessary to conduct adequate early diagnostic interventions aimed at early detection and treatment of depressive disorders.