Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Do you have depression?

Check whether you have depression? Mental disorders, bad mood, boredom and indecision on the soul. Symptoms of depression and depressive disorder.
Currently, the depression ahead of all other mental disorders to the extent of the damage to work and, consequently, on the percentage of years lost to a full life. A large proportion of patients with depressive disorders seek help from obschesomaticheskuyu network. In doing so, only 10-30% of cases depression is detected in time. This test symptoms of depression and evaluation of its gravity in line with the criteria of the International Classification of Diseases 10 th revision (ICD-10), but filled with specific content of our private medical practice.

Typical (main) symptoms of depression:

* A bad mood, depression, black, dark, oppressive, shabby, upadnicheskoe, dreary, "nothing good", "boredom at heart, all gray to me."
* "There is no traction to the case: you may defer implementation of any plans or status, or a long set himself to carry them out. There is no desire to unravel the business problem, the contents of an important conversation - you know that it needs to be done, but not doing. Manufacturing solutions, business acquaintances also defers to the "tomorrow." Nothing interesting, do not want to do anything, but you know what to do here. Joy is not like before - "Everything was as it still." It has long been forgotten, when something happy.
* Get tired right away, even after minor physical effort, or the evening after returning from work or to not have enough forces. Perhaps the feeling of constant fatigue. It seems that never rested. I would like to shed the responsibilities at home, at work - to rest, gain strength. However, short-rest does not improve the status and entertainment quickly lose its appeal.

Other symptoms of depression:

* Hard to concentrate in the presence of an irritant (for example, a TV, radio, talking in the next room), because of the "parallel" thinking - "I read and think about the other." In the communication has been difficult to choose words to capture the conversation thread, reading books, journals, business records hardly captured the meaning of reading, had to re-reread the page.
* There is unusual for you indecisiveness, persistent doubts about the performance of everyday household and familiar professional duties, after the decision. Lost self-confidence - "Suddenly, not as I say, not do."
* Can a critical evaluation of the whole past life - "Everything that was in the past, drifter, it was necessary to engage others." You have a sad feeling of "burden" in the family, "superfluous man" at work. Reproaches himself for his irresponsible attitude towards filial responsibilities, or a child, insufficient attention to other close relatives.
* You conquered the dark thoughts that you - "loser" in life can not solve their problems, finding a full professional bankruptcy, the finish (I completed their life "). Dark and pessimistic vision of the future can be filled out and very specific domestic circumstances.
* Sometimes there are thoughts - "It may be easier to withdraw from life, as all bad, bad, bad ...", desperate, no prospects and, in general, life for you ceased to be something meaningful, has lost its meaning.
* Sleep problems is diverse. This is a difficult time falling asleep, a reduction of hours of night sleep due to frequent awakening, awakening in the 3-4 o'clock in the morning or 5 o'clock in the morning, followed by insomnia. In all variants of disorders of sleep after the final morning awakening there is no feeling of freshness (rest).
* Decreased appetite ( "I can limit daily glass of tea"), or no appetite at all, perhaps even in disgust to the sight and smell of food.

Depression Self-diagnostics
In case you do not dial 3 any symptoms (main and supplementary list), you do not have a depressive mood disorder, according to the criteria of ICD-10.
Easy depressive disorder
The presence of 2-all typical symptoms of depression and at least 2 symptoms from a list of "a-g". You are concerned about their condition. Experiencing some difficulty in carrying out normal work and social activity.
Moderate depressive disorder
The presence of 2-all typical symptoms of depression and at least 3 (preferably 4) of the list of "a-g". There are considerable difficulties in fulfilling social responsibilities, home affairs and the continuation of professional work.
Heavy depressive disorder
The presence of all 3 of typical depressive symptoms, and 4 or more from the list of "a-g". Social and domestic activities can be very limited and its implementation is unlikely.
If you have a depressive mood disorder in accordance with the criteria of your condition may be exacerbated by a number of additional painful manifestations:

* You want to be the one (one), all insulate oneself; feel like "zapolzti as a snail in a shell - that no one touched you, did not respond to questions."
* Close to notice that you have been unusually silent, vanished from the face smiling.
* Relationship with relatives in the family, the staff at work compounded extrinsical you previously increased irritability, sometimes amounting to aggression.
* The feeling of heaviness in the chest ( "Like a stone on the heart," "How come an elephant) or a nagging pain in the left half of the chest or burning sensation in the sternum.
* There was inappropriate you slowness in movements, or, conversely, motor agitation, anxiety, neusidchivost ( "Can not find a place").
* During the period of depression significantly reduced libido - "How to cut, do not even think about it"
* Especially bad you feel in the morning and afternoon. By the evening feeling slightly better (a typical diurnal rhythm of depressive mood disorders.
* An attempt to improve their health, remove the spiritual discomfort receiving alcohol had only a temporary and unstable effect.

If you find a host or a member of his family foundation for self-depressive mood disorders should seek psychological help.